Live Long Enough To Suffer Slings Arrowing "My Back Goes Out More Than I Do"

"Nowhere" is where the hourly wage of non- supervisory workers has gone since 1964.

Household spending on food, housing utilities, etc. has fallen from 53% of disposable income in 1950 to 44% in 1970 and 32% today.

The subject came up when two economics scholar-professors published their findings in the Wall Street Journal today.

Happy news is illustrated by increased life span: "An American born today can expect to live approximately 79 years -- a full five years longer than in 1980 and more than a decade longer than in 1950."

Life expectancy has risen more for blacks than for whites. Even though the inflation-adjusted hourly wage hasn't changed much in 50 years, more blacks have overtaken jobs formerly held by others.

We endure the same wages but with much lower fringe benefits in the 50's and 70's, along with those era's higher prices, limited selection and inferior products by today's standards.

"The middle class no longer has the buying power to keep the economy growing," said Robert Reich, former President Bill Clinton's labor secretary." Still, the scholars persist:

"Despite assertions by progressives who complain about stagnant wages, inequality and the (always) disappearing middle class, middle-class Americans have more buying power than ever before. They live longer lives and have much greater access to the services and consumer products bought by billionaires."