Many Lives Of Drew Barrymore..After 4 Month Old Baby, She's Growing Flower

Granddaughter of screen legend John Barrymore and star of "E.T. The Extra-Terrestial," and "Charlie's Angels'" movies and the HBO movie "Grey Gardens," would go a long way.
In the beauty bandbox she's spent five years as co-creative director as a Cover Girl for beauty behemoth Proctor & Gamble, so she went into the new cosmetics line with big ideas, but realistic expectations.

Among the 183 products she says she favors "I Lavendare You" nail polish. And About Face foundation. and Intense Black mascara she fingers as "must-haves" for the day The beauty bit is the next chapter after marrying art consultant Will Koppelman and they have a 4-month-old daughter, Olive.

As with everything in life, finding the right partner is what makes it work. Drew concluded, "if you're alone in your living room with goals, then you're alone in your living room with goals. All together -- here we are!"