Mary Tyler Moore's Name Is Remembered For Her Show, Not Her Real Name

In an age of TV shows emblazoned by showbiz names, who thinks of Valerie Harper, 73, as Rhoda Morgenstern?

She has a new memoir entitled "I, Rhoda." Craig Wilson, Miami USA TODAY columnist quizzed her:
"Do people still call you Rhoda?" "Not everyday. Mostly now they'll say, "Hey Val, loved Rhoda. It is sweet."

"About 52 million people watched when you and Joe got married on 'Rhoda.' And people actually sent you wedding presents? Coffeemakers? Silver? "Oh, so many toasters you wouldn't believe.

"You talk about your battle with lung cancer. How are you doing?" "It was no battle, really. It was smaller than a dime. They took it out. I take a test every six months now."

"I'm doing 'Tallulah' now, a small tour starting later this month. In between I'm doing book signings. An interesting time."