Miami News Society Column Of March 28, 1962 -Joan Nielsen McHale Reporting

Party-givers in these parts may forsake the sip-sup routine on April 6 in order to watch the TV Special on NBC, 9:30 p.m., dubbed "The Vanishing 400".

They'll parry whether Society is "Publi-ciety" -- a group with nothing in common but their clippings? Not prominent. Just conspicuous.
People break into society by serving the country? Hiring a social consultant? They show slips and clips.

Huntington Hartford's newest society playground, Paradise Island, gets a big play on the show, too.

If you hear a wolf whistle coming from Dorothy White's plush Sunset Island II home, it's no wolf. It's her mynah bird But he knew how to do that BEFORE she acquired him.
* * *

Because Humane Society's upcoming April 29 cocktail benefit's to be held at the late Harriet Young's North Bay Road spot, at which President Kennedy stayed on his Miami visit -- they may try to conduct a house tour to show where "JFK Slept", ala George Washington.

Phoebe (Mrs. Frank) Morse said she would try to get Miami Beach Judge Jason Berkman (who's a lookalike for JFK) to "stand in". The good-looking judge told her, "Okay, if I don't have to sleep IN."
* * *

Banjo's ripe for plucking at soirees these days. In fact, the instrument is so much in demand that former bandleader Russell Smith (who hadn't played a banjo in 20 years) may go back to the biz.

His old buddy, society bandleader Lester Lanin, got hold of the South Miamian to play at Palm Beach's Everglades Club and since then, Russ has been plunking away at parties. Not too many musicians know how to fast-strum the banjo. Only the well-armed.