Microfiber Purse Becomes A Pillow (Pink Or Black) -- In Transit It's "Heavenly"

This baby was $49 before Christmas: now $35.99 at macys.com. Its name is DIYVA by Barbara K pillow purse.
It's a slick microfiber handbag with a front zip pocket plus three larger zip compartments, the middle one of which unzips, reverses out and re-zips to create a plush microsuede pillow for catnaps on the go.
Even without the pillow feature, the small front zip pouch means instant retrieval of phone, keys, floss, lipstick, and other goods which evade capture when swimming in larger ponds.

The middle compartment is the equivalent of an Oreo center-- heavenly. Says Wendy Donahue, its owner, "I opened it like a book to cradle my head during a 12 hour car trip and napped without the inevitable head flop to startle me awake.

"Padding is sufficient to keep any princess from feeling so much as a pea protruding from another compartment. Yet it's not heavy or bulky. I like the modern shape too. Wipes clean with a damp cloth."