Money Talks -- U.S. Presidents Know Campaigning Is Not Done Looking Wealthy


ANDREW JACKSON was born in a rough frontier area between North and South Carolina but went on to become a wealthy landowner, considered himself a man of the people. As such, his 1829 inauguration was an affair for the public.

WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON was presented by The Whigs in 1840 as their candidate. A simple frontier Indian fighter, Harrison was a scion of the Virginia planter aristocracy. His father, Benjamin Harrison was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN was born in 1809 in a log cabin in Kentucky, historian Edward Pessen writes that his father was among "the richest 15 percent of taxpaying property owners in his community." Lincoln did toil on a farm in Illinois and worked on a flatboat.

RICHARD NIXON, the humble grocer's son likely called upon his origins for what became known as the "Checkers Speech." In trying to end a cash controversy, in 1952, he delivered an accounting of his finances, explaining that wife Patricia, did not have a mink coat, but a "respectable Republican cloth coat."

LYNDON JOHNSON, laid the good 'ol boy down-home, everyman routine on thick, but by the time he became president in 1963, he had a reported 14 million dollar fortune. Part of the money was from Texas land deals and some came from his wife, Lady Bird.