Miami stayed up latest on New Year's Eve. Tell New York they've slipped from "the city that never sleeps."

Of 100 most populous cities surveyed, Miami stalls tall but New Yawkers slipped to 5th place. Not even in the money, falling behind Jersey City, Newark, NJ. and Garland, Texas. (If that state is spelled backwards, comes out "taxes.")

Even Newark propped its eyes open to beat Nueva York. Who crashed the earliest? Anchorage, Alaska. Peek-a-boo -- ICE- ee- you.

Longing for a pillow fight? But your flattened-out headrest looks like a loser.

Put new life into an old feather or cotton pillow by letting it toss and knock around in a dryer (set on a low setting) for 10 minutes with 3 or 4 tennis balls and a fabric softened dryer sheet.

Forewarn those with tender shell pinks in your vicinity about the battle ensuing in your clothes dryer...

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