Nielsen's Rakings -- Making Short Work Of Housework And Cleaner Demeanor

Know how the Japanese keep their hardwood floors supremely clean?
They sprinkle damp tea leaves on the floor. Nope, this doesn't add dirt to your floor walking. It helps to weigh down the dust, making it easier to sweep up. If there's a little mound of dirt that you can't sweep into the dustpan, use a paper towel and blot it up.

Super shine your flatware if your knives,forks and spoons have dull, streaky or spotty reflections from the dishwasher.
Pour a little baking soda on each utensil, add one or two drops of water and rub it shiny clean. Rinse and dry. Try looking at your reflection on a spoon. Sparkling clean!
Real men wear mittens. Surprised? Mittens keep hands warmer than gloves, so opt for mittens no matter how old you are.
Always wear a hat in cold weather and wear thin layers of clothing; they keep you warmer than when you add a heavy layer.
And if you think a good, strong drink will warm you up, think again. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, which results in heat loss.