Pharmacist Breezes Through Sniffles And Sneezes - Tells How To Avoid 'Em

You know the usual drill about cold remedies, hereabouts for a gazillion years. Columnist Suzy Cohen has gone beyond the pharmacy counter.

Here's her way to ward off the common cold:
"Job one is to wash your hands frequently . Keep them away from your face. Don't use your hands to cover your mouth for a sneeze. Instead, use a tissue and toss it."

Vitamin C improves your white blood cell count and assists your body making a very strong antioxidant, glutathione. It escorts poisons from your body without gushy goodbyes.

Probiotics help your body fend off pathogenic invaders and revs your immune system. Mushrooms of the medical variety can be found at the health food store, help your body pounce upon germs.

Vitamin A keeps your body's mucous membranes wet and strong which helps soothe your nose, mouth and throat. Vitamin D is great for most immune disorders because it enhances your T cells which keep bugs at bay.

Zinc is a prostate-loving mineral which also reduces the duration of illness. The trick is to start gulping zinc at the first sneeze. Certain spices like thyme, garlic and saffron possess anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral compounds.