Quizzing Whizzes Drs. Oz And Roizen: "Off-Label Meds; Are They Safe To Use?"

Off-label use is perfectly legal, say the duo.

"When you get a prescription from any doctor, ask if it's being prescribed for the approved use.

If it's not, ask how long it has been used for your particular off-label application; if any studies testing its safety and effectiveness for that application have been done; and what the potential side effects are when used to treat your condition.

Anti-seizure medications are used often to treat migraine when other medications have not provided relief. And stay tuned: there's a new nerve-stimulation treatment that looks like it might prevent and stop migraine attacks."

The patient who asked televisions' favorite docs for advice, had been told by her doctor that medication for her migraines was "safe and effective." She asked the TV docs if they concurred.