Sex, Secrets, 48% Of Guys, 28% Of Gals Fell In Love At First Sight, Gays Too

Researchers solicited 100,000 people from around the world, 23,000 from the USA. Sex has a lure as a topic and a sport of flings.

Some say they have sex three to four times a week.

Some 43% of men and 33% of women say they are keeping a major secret from their partner. (Sneaky, wot?) Even among the happiest couples, the survey found 27% keep secrets.

In the USA, the survey found that almost 29% of women and 44% of men say it bothers them "a lot" that their partner is not more romantic.

"We make a big deal of Valentine's Day because I think people are doing 'catch-up' -- the study says.

Sexual frequency: 7.5% do it daily. A few times a week for 40%. 27% a few times a month. 8% once a month. 13% rarely and 4.5% NEVER.

"If you look at the happiest couples, they do have date nights. They hold hands. They do PDAs (public displays of affection). That whole package of romance that some couples preserve -- shows how important that is."

The authors suggest two ways to improve sexual satisfaction. Go to bed nude. (34% of U.S. women and 38% of men sleep nude with their partner) and kiss more as a sign of affection. Those who kiss for affection rather than as part of a sexual act report being more sexually satisfied.

Psychologists say people worry too much about being "normal."

One opined, "It would be alarming if people got too overly concerned with where they stack up in terms of frequency."