Swipe-Tie Is Not A Command To Steal Another's Chest Adornment - It's A Cleanie

Once upon a time, a clever person thought up Swipe Apparel. (They should have added this line: "It's yours for a steal!")

The idea behind the SwipeTie ($39.95) is simple; a silk necktie with a patch of microfiber fabric (the same stuff used for lens-cleaning cloths) behind the tip of the tie, at the ready to wipe smudges and greasy fingerprints from the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

 The SwipeTee ($24.95) is a cotton T-shirt with three options for placement of the cleaning cloth. The default is the front inner lining of the shirt near the waist, but for an extra $5 it can be placed on the left sleeve or the right sleeve (for lefties).

 With the SwipeTie ($39.95), the patch is sewn on. On the SwipeTee, it's affixed with a Velcro-like adhesive.