Washington Letter Spins Stories Of Kennedys Moving Into The White House

WASHINGTON.--Cinderella lost her coach and four this week. Back into a pumpkin shell went Washington, after her Prince Charming moved into The White House. The glass slipper was traded for slush-caked galoshes, the soignee vhgown for woolies.

"I feel like a basket case," quoted one socialite, who likened the eventful week before to a sign above the Casino Royal: Beneath the words "Inaugural review," it read "Holiday in pain." Somebody's smooshed out the capital S.

No bongo drums are needed to tell us that out- door attire has gone beatnik. Like it's cold, man, like Zerosville.

Those who can't play Sally-sit-by-the-fire are wearing the warmest clothes imaginable. Townsfolk look downright pneumonic as they plow the avenues in animal skins. Spotted one mid-town wearing a fur coat whose heritage and vintage were not discernable but would interest Sir Edmund Hillary for his Abominable Snowman collection. Even raccoon coats mingle with minks.

Black tights peep between boots and heavy wraps; hot pinks glow their complexions.

Babushkas, jersey tie-caps and furry shakos have put pillboxes on the shelf, except for the purse-size variety containing cold remedies.

Generally snows by-pass this capital city, staying on the express to New York. That is why its people act like the balloon is going to the moon when the first flurry falls. Add the ice and everyone goes back into a cocoon.

"It couldn't have happened at a better time," Mrs. Rachel Wahl, social secretary at the Brazilian Embassy agreed, looking at the brighter side while lunching at the Pierre.

"NOTHING BIG social goes on here until the new President receives the diplomatic corps,"
chimed in Lois Williams, of the State Department protocol division.

President and Mrs. Kennedy launched their socializing Sunday with a 5 p.m. tea for new appointees and on Feb. 8, will give a posh affair for chiefs of mission, same time, at the Casa Blanca. After that, the party-go-round has official sanction to commence.

Wearing a pistachio nubby wool suit with a gold pin on its shawl collar, Mrs. Wahl entertained her luncheon confreres with news that Ambassador Antonio Barcellos had just done his office in bright pink. What the replacement will say when new Brazilian president Janios Quadros appoints a replacement ambassador is unknowable.

AT THE MAYFLOWER, where some brave townsfolk tootled in swathed in minks and dripping snowflakes, the little black suit and wool jersey sheaths cuffed and collared in fox and mink were the uniform of the day.

Two generals' wives negated the pillbox for them, saying, "We can't figure out how to anchor a pillbox."

Someone had heard that Brigitte Bardot dyed her hair black, had it styled bouffant and topped it all with the pillbox,to indicate her admiration for the First Lady.

IN THE WHITE HOUSE itself, secretaries were affecting the manner of Mrs. Kennedy, sporting pouf hairdos. Some even went in for the white lip bit.

News of what Mrs. Kennedy will do to the White House decor, who she's having for tea and what she's to wear to the first functions she'll tender are being awaited with bated breath and short pants.--JOAN McHALE.