Why Worry When You Can Pray? Prayer Is Quick As A Blink To Teach You To Think

Met a clown named Happy. When I asked him how he was facing life, he said, "You know how it is. We all have our ups and downs."

A bystander buzzed in,"I hope you're not worrying about anything."

"Of course not" Happy heartened us. "Why worry when you can pray?"

Prayer gets rid of worry in two steps. First, it releases and activates your built-in strength God has given you. You pray the strength out, you believe it out, you practice it out. And then the Worrier fades out of the picture.

Prayer teaches you to think - and that puts the brakes on worry. So many of us really don't think. Praying activates the mind so that you can understand, you get increased know-how and new perceptions, you become more alert, more in tune with God's wisdom. All of this, in turn, gives you power over worry.

To get yourself started, write down your worries. One by one, pray to God about them, explaining the situation. Then turn it over to Him. The outcome is in His hands. And tell Him you will accept His will. The more you do this, the less the burden of worry will dominate your life.