WSJ: Overheard On The Street Public Resignations Can Morph Into Marketing Op

Greg Sandoval became an instant Internet hero on Monday, when he wrote on Twitter that he was resignng from CNET to protest parent company CBS Corp.'s decision to intervene in editorial content.

CNET had planned to award Dish Networks latest ad-skipping DVR it stop award at last week's Consumer Electronics Show. But CBS, which sued Dish over the ad feature, forced CNET to disqualify the device.

Hundreds retweeted Mr. Sandoval's resignation. Many applauded his integrity. A few editors at rival sites offered assignments.
"That's the sound of every blog now trying to hire @sandoCNET," tweeted MG Siegler, TechCrunch columnist and partner at CrunchFund. In stepping down, Mr. Sandoval may have unintentionally invigorated his career.