Animal Welfare Society Marks 40 Years; We Lived Kitty-Korner From Them

My two Maine coon cats were abandoned when their mother died. AWS gave them a home. As I would take my older cat in for treatment, I spent time connecting with the babies. My cat passed away so I adopted Cutie and Snooty.
Seeing photos of Martha Mishcon and Dorothy St. Jean in the Sunday Herald brought back the camraderie we all enjoyed. Martha, sister of my close friend Mary McGowan, was a professional dancer before she met her millionaire husband, who fell in love when he saw her perform.
 I "managed" Mary to become a singer at parties and on cruises. They were from Charleston, S.C. - and their southern accents lured many visitors into their midst. Sundays at Coral Gables Country Club brunches, Mary virtually led sing-alongs to a growing, enthusiastic crowd.

Dorothy St. Jean was a journalist for the Jockey Club magaziine, where she resided for years beyond her husband, Harvey St. Jean being shot and killed by a gangster in a Miami Beach parking lot. She is a fixture at social affairs, leading singalongs like the pro she is.
Renee Bleemer is president of Animal Welfare society, Emily Totino answers to Veep. The handsome offspring of Frosene Sonderling -- Maria Michaels and Nick Studds -- retained their youthful grace. Frosene was not only one of South Florida's biggest philanthropists but a beauty with Grecian charm and a fashion whiz besides.