Boy-Sterus Talker, TV Star Larry King Admits He Wed Wife #3 (July 16, 1963 Miami News

In the two years he's been doing the talkshow, Larry has taken only two weeks vacation. The last was a combined honeymoon trip to Jamaica with the former Mickey Minton, a secretary at WAME, last spring.

Along with a wife (his third) he inherited a three-year-old son, Mark.

"He interviews him, too," Mickey said.

"I find out all sorts of things," Larry pointed out. "Mark can prove to you that a dragon is really a dinosaur."

In February, the King family (the name is now changed legally) will be four in number.

That baby had better be thinking up some very smart answers.

King is an expert marksman when it comes to entertaining his listeners.
And he's no slouch at being interviewed himself.