Deb B. J. Andreas Only Lacked Cinemascope To Capture Her Nuptials For The Storybooks

Cameras were rolling as the entire wedding party of B. J. Andreas and Bing Seibold moved in hesitation-step down the aisle of Bal Harbour's Church-by-the-Sea on the first day of real summer. (June 11, 1956-Miami Memos society column)

From the colorful pink garden hats worn by her attendants to the profusion of luscious pink peonies, to the bride's tears of nervousness as she prepared to walk down the aisle, it was one for the books.

Five little relatives nearly stole the show--but bridal consultant Gene Ely -- determined that no scene-stealing would take place, bribed the youngsters with lollipops. We're referring to B.J.'s cousins -- junior bridesmaids, Nancy Kundert and Cynthia Andreas, train bearers, Karen Kundert and Beth Andreas and ring bearer, Markey Andreas.

They were all concerned with B.J.'s court train, very long and gossamer-like, which needed highway instead of aisle-room. Her designer's original gown was fashioned of imported nylon tulle forming a bouffant skirt, trimmed with medallions of hand-clipped Alencon lace, accented with seed pearls and paillettes. Hers also was a custom-made Dior crown of lace, held with a cloud of French illusion.

Picture pink peonies held by her attendants, who wore floor-length gowns of white velveray over pink taffeta and a wide cummerbund of matching pink. Jean Perkins was maid of honor; bridesmaids Sharron Sober, Diane Hoppe, Gretchen Stanton, Angie Tjelios, Janet Chadwick and Tillie Dorner admitted later in the receiving line, that they'd shed their shoes "some time back" to endure the long lines of well-wishers.

The groom, Arthur Bingham Seibold -- best known as Bing -- smiled a curve of enchantment, as he saw his bride appear. Best man was Martin Andreas, brother to B.J. and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Andreas. Ushers included Tipton Jennings, Perry Andreas, Robert Ryan, William Dismukes, Warren Kendall and Lt. George Chatfield. Jr. George, who'll take Frances Pierce as his bride on July 8, confessed that the only thing he practiced was "how to keep from getting nervous."

Later, in the Surf Club, for the lavish and pink bird-ed reception, hundreds came to congratulate the couple and their families. Bing is the son of Mrs. Julia Mumma. Champagne flowed as it does at weddings, finding toasters like the Niles Trammels, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Peterson, Barbara and (former Florida Governor) Fuller Warren and the Armand Ceramis. Armand had just returned from Europe, his wife Donna said, having visited in Italy and France.

When the Rouse Smiths came in late, they explained they had just arrived an hour before by plane from New York. "We had dinner with the Don Allens and Yankees team manager Casey Stengel and his missus last night." Annie Loys Smith said, "They lost their home game and were their faces long!"

Mary Ann (Mrs. James) Knight and her daughter Barbara were on hand; the Al Harums and Al, jr. too. Knight publishes the Miami Herald. and both Als publish the Coral Gables Times.

Young Harold Kendall, Jr. had just come in by plane for the wedding, also. His parents met the plane and rushed him so they wouldn't miss the beautiful ceremony. The Jefferson Fords, E.G. Livesays, Bill and Snookie McDonald, Dave Malone, Bill Merritt and many, many more were on hand to witness B.J.'s big day.