Did You Know That Wednesdays Are The Most Stressful Days Of The Week?

A friend of mine raised in a Niagara Falls neighborhood has been typing newspaper columns for USA TODAY since it foiled naysayers and became a startling NEWSPAPER 30 years ago. Craig Wilson is his name and he foils in the guise of columnist.

It's a Wednesday and he notices something "different." New research shows that a certain number of women find Wednesdays the most stressful day of the week. And it gets worse. The study says these women LOOK their oldest at 3:30 every Wednesday afternoon.

You're murmuring to yourself. Why? It's when energy levels plummet, work stress is at a peak, and the effects of weekend late nights are rar'in' to kick in.

"In fact," Craig cues that half the women polled "indulge" on weekends. Perhaps overindulge. I know. Shocking." Homing in on the reasons, our Sherlock concurs, "Evidently the weekend booze takes a few days to show up on the face, and the fact that Monday after comes with a sleepless night because of that booze, well, it's not a pretty picture.

"One in five admit they work through their lunch hour on Wednesdays. Not a good thing. Because of what they do, they have a snack. sugar, mostly. But the survey has some good nudes---err, news.
Thursday is the day women are most likely to have sex. and with sex comes a glow and a happier, upbeat feeling which makes Friday the best feeling day of the week.

After the weekend, the whole process starts over again. Since orange is the new best color (apart from blue), tans might start reappearing around the newsroom. Craig ahems and signals attention. "I have a better idea. I say all my female colleagues go to a four-day workweek. Eliminate Wednesdays completely, go home early on Thursdays (wink, wink) and have a long happy lunch on Friday." Dear Abby he ain't.

May I remind you that newspapers put everything on microfilm and eliminated the morgue? The files have fled. It used to be the perfect hideout to keep the staff from spotting the makings of a stiff shot.
Wednesday, Friendsday. The file folders went kaput and so did the reminders of toots that took root where no one dare compare. A bad case of the Wednesdays calls for alms, not alarms.