Don't Go Postal About No Saturday Show-Ups; Infernal Problem Is Internal

USPS lost nearly $16 billion greenbacks last fiscal year because it's drowning in pension obligations. Congress imposes this only on USPS. Want to gaze at its technical losses? Bill-paying, competition from United Parcel and FedEx, higher fuel costs and a prolonged economical slump.

If Postmaster Patrick Donahoe gets his way, most Saturday deliveries will go the way of the Pony Express. Problem is: unions seek to preserve obsolete jobs and farmers who still can't get reliable Internet access in 2013. Furthermore, cutting service to three days a week eggs on Al Lewis of Dow Jones column fame. Times have changed so rapidly, Al allows that some publishers wax urgent. His son, when eight, got an unsolicited letter to subscribe to Playboy.

Love his lament: "I would rather deal with a cable company, a phone company or any bureaucratic nightmare of a utility company than stand in line at the post office. This is a money-losing organization that reportedly paid more than $30 million to sponsor Lance Armstrong and the blood-doping U.S. cycling team."