'Guess They Were Trying For Senatorial Splendor' - Onlooker Column, Summer 1954

Extra laundry made the clothesline heavy this weekend, all because the Iron Eagles -- collegiate 65 strong-- put on a Roman Toga party.

Entry was gained to the Coconut Grove Legion Hall only by wearing a sheet and prizes went to the best costume, but how many ways can you vary a sheet? New prez Alf Davis, along with fellow officers, Buddy Farrey, Robert Bahl, Joe Taylor and Pete Skinner decided it had been six years since the last toga-war according to social co-heads, George Graham and Jeff Cortright, ergo the Saturday night social Caesar.


HYP-Hooray -- Harvard, Yale, Princeton's simmertime outing was a real picnic. New arrivals to the Ransom School site made for the empty spot in the middle of the portable dance-floor only to discover minutes later it was a haven for red ants!

Attired in raggedy uniforms, one orange, one black leg (like harlequins), Princeton alums won the softball game. Although billed as a family affair, Hunter Moss found few contemporaries for his two-year-old Courtney. And it was a smaller crowd than usual.

Around nine-ish, a Vessel (s) with Herring ran aground, but with an Armstrong eventually got Moore-d safely. Translated: Dottie and Tony Balzebre took Billy and Suzy Vessels, Maggie and John MacDonald, Dick (Fish) and Ann Herring, Mimi and Jim Armstrong and Roz and Phil Moore out on their boat.

Even with more Captains than crew, the boat ran aground. But not for too long. At the duPont Plaza docks they stopped but couldn't get in -- their casual attire was jacket-less, alas.

Both Connie and Ed Russo are giving their espanol a workout this week but in two separate countries. As president of Coral Gables' People-to-People program, young Edmund took off for Cartegena, Colombia (Gables sister city) and Connie left 1101 Sunset Rd. with their two young-fry, Laura and Ed II, to visit grandma, Mrs. Consuelo Schaar in Veracruz, Mexico.

Did you know that Channel 10's weather-looker, Virginia Booker and her TV-producer husband George have an 18-year-old son, Walter, studying at the University of Mississippi?

Quick studies of Virginia, Vizcaya, bachelor Robert A. Rautbord (who has a double plush penthouse in a $7.5 million Miami Beach apartment he co-owns) and UM BMOC Stuart Bloch highlight this month's Glamour magazine, out Thursday.


Beauteous builder Gigi Reynolds makes the scene here again, plans to build a few houses and then go back to her beloved Paris.