How Do We Seek 'Le Petit Bonheur' -- The Little Happiness -- When Gloom Dooms Gay Days?

The real problem of recoiling from physical or neural wreckage -- is we didn't see it coming. A slippery street and suddenly your sidekick merrymaker goes down on icy steps, twisting her leg. Doctor's teeth-grinding comment: "two months in a cast."

When trouble invades, we didn't see it coming. The folks who snort at the stresses and strains of life are those who don't know how to abide in the present time.

"I believe that only one person in a thousand knows the trick of really living in the present," wrote novelist Storm Jameson. "Most of us spend 59 minutes an hour living in the past -- or in a future that we either long for or dread. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle -- which is exactly what it is."

He went on to say we need to build a kingdom of the mind where life can never fail to be worth living. We must build up this resource of the mind in times of peace so that it will be there waiting when we need it.

When recognized and cherished as they come, our small inner joys build a reservoir of memory against sterile times and we can make ourselves a kingdom of the mind where life can never fail to be worth living. We must build up our minds to be a resource in the times of peace so that it will be there when we need it.

What a character! People say that about solid citizens who have the make-do attitude. That's because their actions demonstrate a person worthy of your acclaim. They stand up so they stand out.

Love demonstrates our love and sympathy and understanding alive. Love makes a feel a strong bond with others -- assured by a warm smile and sunny disposition -- great therapy.

Work is the great panacea. Trade places with the pity pot...don't waste time on that when you can be grateful for say, your garden. Just seeing the feast of the work that you put into your growing beauties
thrills the mind and heart.

Faith in life's essential goodness is not a sure thing. It's all in how you look for it -- or AT it. To people who believe in The Supreme Being means our source of belief is elsewhere. There is a power greater than ourselves who wishes us well, and therefore, we live in a universe where good is stronger than evil because we have built up timeless resources that are proof against change.

The discipline of learning how to deal with little problems is a dress rehearsal for when we need to cope with the big ones. Life itself is precious. And perhaps we never get anything more than this; a chance to be what we can be, experience what we can experience and love what we can love.

It's a great life. Turn it all over at night to the Creator. He must have a vast number of guardian angels who perch on the lattices and curbstones to protect God's children from an enemy -- and may that enemy not be oneself.