If You're Snowed In, Ignore. It's Trendy To Spend More Time Outside But Not In Brrrr Feet

Outdoor recreation is on the rise in our country, according to a survey by the Outdoor Foundation -- but we still want to keep the annoying parts of nature out of sight and bounds.

With Off! Bug Control Backyard Pretreat, you can skip dousing yourself and instead use the garden hose to spray the greenery around your patio or porch with a formula that promises to repel more than 110 kinds of insects for more than eight weeks. Shakespeare said it best, "Out, d---- spot!"

Adams Smart Shield Applicator can keep critters from hitching a ride on Fido. The company tested nearly 70 applicators to find the best one at getting the flea and tick treatment on your pet and not on YOU.

Dixie Plate company's mission is to build a better paper plate. People are not eating out as much but they still host get-togethers. Over the past few years, research and development has gone into high gear to support more weight on Dixie Ultra plate's rim and fortified the soak Proof Shield to prevent grease from seeping through. They also strengthen the plate's layers and covered them all in an attractive colorful print.