Mary Todd Lincoln Had The Hots For Purples, Violets, Blues, Pinks -- Hued Be Surprised At Movie

 A man so famous his moniker minus a title in "Lincoln" enticed fans to the movie, the film shows off his colorful frau far-flung from yellowed history books. Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis were costumed using colorful sketches for their wardrobes. Abraham and his mate were glorified for a change.
Thanks to first-time Oscar nominee, Joanna Johnson, costumes for the 16th president Abraham Lincoln and his missus are delicious. Appetizingly appealing is what they are. After boning up on scads of reference material -- where she saw how widely photographed the presidential couple were -- Joanna realized that Mary Todd Lincoln had specific color tastes --"purples, violets, blues, pinks -- which was fantastic."

Joanna told Parade magazine "I had all the dimensions for Lincoln's trademark hat; I worked with a hat maker in Italy, and it only took two attempts before we got it perfect. Daniel looked great in it."

I bet a bill with Lincoln's photo on "Lincoln" surprising the Oscar attendees.