Needle Nudgers Are So-Sew About Exposing Knees But Bare Backs Bear Watching


Bright blues, orange, mixed prints and colorful lace are trending in the spring winds.

The buy word is: COLOR ME BRIGHT AS DAYLIGHT WHERE NEON BLINKS. Not for the shy is safety cone orange -- head to toe.

Not for the meek is the Prada cockail dress which rustles one's bustle with a thigh-high covering of blue hued-feathers. No eggs-plosion from the peanut gallery. All eyes are feasting on the kaleidoscopic array of colors that show up under our tropical sun.

A JAW-DROPPING show at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables made eyes dance and knees prance as viewers became pursuers of even more gilt -- matching necklaces and earrings that drew focus on head to toes.

Hot pink, electric hues in blues and yellows to greens mean to change your last past pick-adillows. Neiman Marcus veep Ken Downing is floating mid-air as he blares for motorcycle jackets to be worn instead of a fur piece. He sights lilac for one topper and mint green for its sister.

"Never wear a wrap over an evening dress; it will age you by 10 years," he avers. Wear a jacket instead." He firmly admits, "I'm insane for this shade of safety cone orange." Worn head to toe. One color mania.

If only they cost as little as rented costumes. Meant to be worn once, these are. Otherwise, can't you hear the cats meowing, "Here she comes in that same old dress again."

Or you can dress for success. Stay home in a bathrobe and study the drill.