Pore Little You --Howja Like To Make Your Face's Large Pores Grow Teensy?

To help make your facial pores look smaller, process one-third cup of raw almonds in a blender, adding just enough water to create a paste that looks just like cooked oatmeal.

Rub the nutty mixture gently across the enlarged pores from your nose outward. Leave it on your face for a half hour, then rinse off with tepid water.

As a final rinse, mix one-quarter cup of cool water with one-quarter cup of apple cider vinegar, and splash it on to tighten your pores even more. For best results, treat your skin to this almond rub every other day for two weeks, and once a week afterward to nourish your skin.

Or, you might try to soak a wad of absorbent cotton fabric in buttermilk and dab it all over your face (every night for at least two weeks), let it sit for 20 minutes, then wash the dried buttermilk off with cool water.