Twosomes Confess How They Fell And Stay In Love, Tied In Knots, Some Bray

"Commitment" gives tips for long-lasting love with 37 intimate funny stories of couples talking about what it takes to detach certain behaviors. Remember why you fell in love, says author Kashmir Hill.

"Commitment is about re-choosing on a continual basis to re-embrace aspects of this person," told Kathryn Grody, married to Homeland star Mandy Patinkin.

"Take wedding rituals seriously" and after a long relationship, singing/songwriter Judy Collins married Louis Nelson in 1996. "The bonding was performed by the priest -- the wedding sealed our emotional commitment."

Keep your promises, aver comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, who met in 1953 and married six months later. "Try and keep your promise," is how they both hold each other's esteem.

Make your partner your foundation, says financier David Shapiro. He says, "I can move confidently through my day knowing that I have that sure base at home."

Humor is the best medicine, most agree. Joy Behar lived with Steve Janowitz for almost 20 years before they did the altar-ration. Joy and Steve agree: "We have a commitment based on love and respect -- and not having anywhere else to go."