Warren Buffett Playing Ketchup; Who Thought He'd Bottle Up Heinz?

"Buffet to buy Heinz's buffet" fed interest in USA TODAY'S front-page money oriented news, a 28 billion dollar deal set for food firm.
Founded in 1869 in Sharpsburg, Pa., with bottled horseradish as its first product, Heinz has been publicly traded since Nov. 27, 1946. (When Mrs. Clifford Heinz became a Miami winter resident, she bore the nickname "57 varieties" for that was Heinz' byword in the 50s. Pickles were a powerful lure.)

Heinz brands include soups, beans, Ore-Ida products and Weightwatchers Smart Ones entrees. The stock has gained more tha 30% in the past five years.
 This is a win for shareholders, since it values the companyat 12 times the expected annual fiscal earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation. The contract stipulates that the buyout require the company's continued presence in Pennsylvania, where it is the 13th largest company.