Watch What You Put On Your Fashion Plates -- Weighty Eighty Fare For Pigging Out

 Where can you sight pin-thin fashion editors in their size zero frocks?

New York Fashion Week has a fat secret. It's a nine-day smorgasbord of free food and open bars.

Statuesque models must say nay to those fattening flavors. People involved in the lower rungs of the fashion world don't have to ape those glamor pusses sipping Diet Coke. Low level assistants can eat their waistlines out, and especially the hangers-on who everyone invites to their shows even though they show no credentials.
Could you say no to a feast of mini tacos, spinach puff pastries and fried macaroni and cheese? Backstage at Lincoln Center, where most shows are held, this year's dishes include avocado-and goat cheese sandwiches (797 calories), pole-caught tuna salads (558 calories), and peanut-butter cream-wiches (205 calories) provided by a local sandwich joint.

Hungry worker-bees ankle the food pavilions with full figures more full.

Fashion Week used to resemble a trade show more than a party. Shows were typically held in designers' garment-showrooms. Buyers sat in wooden chairs taking copious notes.

"Fashion week has become this insane Mardi Gras of meeting and greeting," quoth one eager beaver. "The shows are la dolce vita parties."