When You Start A New Relationship, You Become The Person You Split Up With

(NEVER END A SENTENCE WITH A PROPOSITION) -- or a preposition if you'd rather.

Ready to face six truths about relationships that nobody every admits?
Were you tight as a drum and spent nickels like they were manhole covers?

Low on tipping at tables and in taxis? In your next affair you'll give 20s to the maitre d' and use indoor parking at the airport.

Why is an admission of incorrect behavior so shunned by the very guilty parties? Did you have to beg for affection, only to be denounced for not giving your significant other enough "space"?

Pounce on a psychiatrist when he's made garrulous by grog and ask him to be on your side, for after all, you are not the guilty party. (And what do you think your "ex" is doing, anyway?)

The French have a saying:"In every relationship, there is one who kisses and one who offers the cheek." One always loves more, in any relationship; in every pair , one is reaching to offer and one is deciding whether or not to accept. Note the Frenchmen's precedent for tiny waists and that custardy kind of quiche you can't find in America.

Will you agree that when gauging the romantic rendezvous of other lovers, from short-term dalliances to long-term marriages (which might co-exist??) makes everyone think about doing it, right? From thinking it goes to blinking.

Once is enough. Dead-head for home before you err and possibly permit an heir. 'Nuff said. Once you steal home plate, you're in Outsville.