Who Gets A Boot Out Of Stepping High? Sassiety Women, Shoe Nuff

Leave it to Lucy Morillo-Agnetti, the most fetching CEO operating Miami Children's Hospital to stage a spectacular event -- Wine, Women & Shoes -- for the second year in a hot trot at the Coral Gables Country Club.

During the cocktail reception, wine tastings bore fruit as bidders tried to amass a slew of auction items. Meanwhile good-looking guys (aka hunks) toted silver trays with stunning footwear through the crowd. Event co-chair and CBS4 anchor Shannon Hori was femcee, joined onstage by co-chairs Carola Pimentel and Criselda Breeene to get the party started.

Three fashionistas were given Neiman-Marcus gift certificstes for winning a shoe contest. Popular Lisa Petrillo judged as well as last year's overall winner Alison Kunkel and the prez of MCHF, lovely Lucy who was elated to report they raised nearly $450,000 that afternoon.

Among the heavy-hitters in society were Iran Issa Khan, who cut a wide swath covering events for Ocean Drive; her photographs were featured on Social magazine covers once Starr Porter discovered Iran's talents. Someone gave her a camera and she made history!

Among the lovely luminaries who graced the place were Ocean Drive's riveting Iran Issa Khan, Nicole Lozano, Christina Getty -Maercks, Tara Solomon, Blair Sonville, Susie and Ghada Wahab, Tino Carlo and Karen Figueroa Cisneros.

They left with a precocious mood: "I get a kick out of you."