Wonder Of Valentine's Day -- Our Hearts Young And Gay -- Love Makes More Flouncy, Bouncy Hair

Here's lookin' at ya, kid! Didja know your hair grows fastest when you're in love? It's probably because your hormones are jumping for joy!

If you want to give all that extra hair some body and bounciness, add one teaspoon of champagne to two tablespoons of your regular shampoo. Work it into your hair, washing and rinsing as usual.For extra effect, you can rinse your locks with a bit of champagne after the soaping's done.

The bubbly should make our hair livelier, and the tartaric acid in the champagne will bring out your hair's natural highlights, especially if you're a blonde. Since champagne sipped can make one feel high, imagine how highlights beam on beautiful with a snootful.

Guess this includes gents with locks too...