WSJ; Notable & Quotable: From Abraham Lincoln's Second Annual Message, Dec. 1, 1862

The receipts into the treasury from all sources, including loans and balance from the preceding year for the fiscal year ending on the 30th June, 1862, were $583,885,247.06, of which sum $49,056,397.62 were derived from customs; $1,795,331.73 from the direct tax; from public lands, $152,203.77; from miscellaneous sources, $931,787.64; from loans in all forms, $529,692,460.50. The remainder, $2,257,065.80, was the balance from last year.

The disbursements during the same period were: For Congressional, executive, and judicial purposes, $5.939,009.29; for foreign intercourse, $1,339,710.35; for miscellaneous expenses, including the mints loans, Post Office deficiencies, collection of revenue, and other like charges, $14,129,771.50; for expenses under the Interior Department; $985.52;(and continued to list a balance in the Treasury of $13,043.546.81.)

He continues another lengthy paragraph from receipts and expenditures.

Lincoln ends this numbing number summation with "Other information will be found in the report of the Secretary of the Treasury, to whose statements and views I invite your most candid and considerate attention."

(It fails to say who nodded in agreement. Most people nod off.)