WSJ; Overheard On The Street: Luxury Labels Find A New Way To Puff-licity

At this year's New York Fashion Week to keep the crowd's attention- -give them a fix.

The scene of Prabal Gurung's show afterparty, a dark room was full of fashion-industry elite who appeared to be flouting New York's smoking laws by lighting up inside a dark nightclub called Bow.

Turns out they were e-cigarettes provided by NJOY, which has sponsored parties for other big names this year, including Richard Chai and Duckie Brown. The cigarettes have a glowing effect similar to lighted tobacco and even create wafts of white vapor.

"Everyone in the fashion industry smokes, from models to photographers," a spokeswoman for NJOY says. "It was also very cold outside so everyone was jumping all over it."

It isn't often you see trays of cigarettes being passed out like hors d'oeurves in today's nicotine-lite world. But, of course, fashion is known for fast-moving trends. By the next time Fashion Week rolls around in the fall, the fad may easily have gone up in smoke.