You Docs Column Weighs Against Brain Overload. Outwit Distress By De-Stressing

The questioner: "I am 38, a wife and working mom with three kids. My days are jammed. My boss wants me to take on more responsibility at work. The cellphone is always ringing. Sometimes I can't remember what I am supposed to be doing! It's scary to think I might have Alzheimer's disease already."

"Forgetfulness is a predictable result of frantic daily schedule and a lack of down time." say Mike Roizen & Mehmet Oz. It sounds as if your brain fog is coming from two sources. Super-juggling every day, trying to fit all your activities into an overcrowded schedule and your second source, information overload.

All that stress can decrease neural conditions in your brain. You've got to know your limitations. Here are some suggestions to help you reorganize your schedule. First, write out a short, weekly list of to-do priorities. Ask your spouse, friends and family to help. (It couldn't hurt.)

"Reduce info input. Turn off the TV. Answer your phone only when you want, not whenever it rings. Check your personal mail at the office. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday and meditate for 10 minutes. Yes, they take time but reduce stress that aggravates aging.

"When you get your overcrowded schedule under control, you'll become younger and your brain even more vibrant."