Eying Janelle Patty being presented by Barbara Nelson with the Red Cross Service Award, my heart fluttered as I pondered her in-laws' beaming faces --Carl and Pat Patty, my dear friends when Pat held society's reins.

When I clapped my hazel orbs at Mary Young pictured receiving the White & Case Education Award, it took me back to Mary's flair for writing. Her columns headed by her photo in my magazine Good News Social, more proof that she would never put down her pen. She's a natural.

Jeannett Slesnick must have corraled pool water into waves of youth for she doesn't look a day older than when I partied with her and hubby Don Slesnick at many a Coral Gables do. He stays as famous mayor of Coral Gables and head of the Community Foundation. They are a "can-do" couple who don't know how to say "no." Her award was founded by my old friend Rosalind R. Ludwig. Roz another pal like my best bud Bette Taicher, designer/owner of Caressa Shoes. Widowed a long time, Bette married a rabbi and they moved to California.

Whenever there's an award for hospital biggie Phillis Oeters, you know one of her greatest supporters Swanee DiMare is nearby. They're posed together, embodying the truism that beauty surrounds supporters like these two. Swanee was honorary chair of this American Red Cross South Florida Region Awardees function.

Swanee, how I love ya, sings her modest hubby, who went from selling tomatoes on a pushcart in Boston to becoming Mr. Tomato King of our country. A more friendly couple you couldn't find in a community of heavy hitters. To pair natural beauty with money is three steps beyond reality.

Photo cutline: From Left to Right
Back Row - Sponsors
Phyllis Oeters, Susan Towler, Marty Davis, Veronica Cervera Goeseke, Maria Alonso, Honoree Lorena Vasquez, Douglas Halsey, Beatriz Junco-Gonzalez, Wendy Kallergis, Kathleen Kennedy Olson, Barbara Nelson, Swanne DiMare
Front Row - Honorees
Sabrina Cohen, Irene Korge, Jeanett Slesnick, Penny Shaffer, Kathryn Q. Mikesell Mary Young, Olga M. Ramudo, Julie Grimes, Patricia Robbins, Janelle Patty, Marina Bryant