Family doctor suggested a cure for dry hands. No hassle. Puncture a Vitamin E capsule. Squish out capsule's oil and rub it on your hands.  Do it twice a day as long as is necessary. You can quit when the cracks heal. You'll come alive and thrive if you add to your diet Vitamin E to down with juice because it's a great natural healer.

 Having a rough time with your heels and elbows? Make a paste by combining one tablespoon of salt with one-half tablespoon of lemon juice. Rub this mixture -- it's abrasive, so it softens the tough skin areas of such as elbows, feet and knees until mostly smooth --but veer clear of redness. Wash the paste off with cool water. And just think, it's an ideal way to use up a lemon that has lost its glow.

Did you know spaghetti and winter squash have seeds for a feast? Try them as a substitute for pumpkin seeds. And doesn't fooling around with pumpkins make you feel like a messy Bessie?
After removing the seeds from the squash, rinse them and let them dry overnight on a tray or cloth towel. No way can you use paper towels.They hold onto the seeds. Absolutely clinging vines. No need to hull, so you can roast and eat the entire seed. Arrange them on a baking tray and spray on some olive oil and add salt.
Roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.
That hacking sound you make when you cough is nature's way of loosening and ridding your system from that resident mucus. Losing sleep is a drawback to coughing.
Here's how to go the natural route: combine the juice of half a lemon, one-half cup of honey and one quarter cup of olive oil and cook in a small saucepan for five minutes over medium-high heat. Keep stirring.
That's a definite.Then let it cool. Take one teaspoon every two hours, leading up to your bedtime. Maybe even dribble a bit more onto a spoon as yo head for the bed to make sure you snore.