Oscar's Statuette Must Lament The Absence Of Movies Of Yore When Films Had Class

Publicist Charlie Cinnamon remembers the publicity stunts he'd conjure for the Lincoln Road movie theaters he represented on the mall, like the Lincoln, which opened in 1939, and later, the Carib and the Beach.

With a reputation for being a most engaging conversationalist with a quick wit, Charlie orchestrated the opening of Elizabeth Taylor's epic "Cleopatra" in 1963 at the Lincoln and the British comedy -- "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" at the Carib, 
 Get him to give a run-through of making a secret exit before a mob descended on his car to peer at his passenger hiding on the back floor of his car, movie star Elizabeth Taylor.

Charlie has no ego so he'd never share a private opinion of anyone. A real diplomat but one of the gentlemen who has such a quick wit, you'll dub him a superior comedian. And you'll never see prepared scripts...
"I did the opening of "Cleopatra" and we had a parade down Washington Avenue with the Miami Beach High School. For 'Magnificent Men' we had vintage cars and airmen and a parade. Fantastic openings, just like Hollywood, we haven't had that in years. It's so sad we don't have that kind of premiere anymore where the whole community joined in to have big events and red carpet openings."

Perhaps a reason the Miracle Theater, now the home to the Actors' Playhouse, stands out for its screening of "Jaws" is because the theater decorated the lobby in the style of the seafaring movie. Netting was attached to the ceiling, nautical implements were placed along the walls. The only thing missing a decorative spot was "Bruce" -- the mechanical shark.Eugene Flinn, former mayor of Palmetto Bay, said, "They always fit the theme when you went there. It was a throw-back theatre, even for our age group. And that's why I'm so thrilled it's been properly repurposed and it's a great place to go see plays. What a treasure!"
Loew's Riviera Theatre on South Dixie Highway opened in 1956 with "Picnic", starring Kim Novak. Today, the building hosts Area Stage Co. and shops. Many of the buildings still remain. The Olympia, with a dime admission, and stage show, became the Gusman Center on Flagler Street. The Miracle, which opened with movie stars onstage to engage the first-nighters, is getting its marquee and box office restored. The Shores theatre hosts Area Stage Co. and shops.