When Pat Clarke brought flutist Jeff Zavac and me into the Coco Plum Women's Club, there sat Betty Hendrichs, who, as a young beauty, knocked 'em dead in showbiz.

A close pal of Suzie Schmidt, who was co-chair of the Music Club with Barkley Averette, said Suzie was home recovering from back surgery. So Betty, who doesn't brag about her Broadway beginnings, filled in the blanks. Personality perches on Betty's gift-of-gab, making her glib personified. She's a great listener also.

Jeff on flute and Jay Clarke, trembling the ivories, provided neat meet-and-greet music during the mingling. Special thanks and gratitude went to Claire Frances Whitehurst, whose mother was a founder of Coral Gables Music Club along with Jay Clarke's Ma-mere some 73 years ago.

Claire Frances donated the bus that provided transportation for the entire Felix Varela Senior High School Concert Jazz Band. Dunno how trumpeter Sam Lussier (who directed the players) got there but we're glad he did.

Sam solo-ed on Leroy Anderson's "Serenade" and "I've Got the World On a String." Their songs included "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and "Someone to Watch Over Me" which I can kindly say came from OUR era. When hits got a big run. "Perdido" was played with great lustre. Our times ago loomed large as we hummed to songs we danced to at the clubs.

Dressed all in black, the handsome young men (not a bad looker among 'em) played with great gusto and synchronicity. (A big word for playing like pros.) Pat Clarke, although past president, looms large in these gatherings because she seems to corral the groups and all is rooty-tooty-fruity fine.

With Patsy Shaw, the group's famous cook, providing the menu that kept lips smacking thereafter, it was an old-fashioned home-cooking sensation. Her melt-in-the-mouth dessert may have had a name but it got popped into our collective maws before our jaws could open again to ask.

Margaret Seroppian, who has custody of the gavel now, donated two money trees for the raffle. Mieko Kuboto did the clever folding artistry for the money trees. It takes tres expertise. Congrats. The biggest bargain in town is a $35 membership in Coral Gables Music Club.