A massive megayacht docked at Fort Lauderdale's Pier 66, belongs to Oscar-winning film director Steven Spielberg. It's been there for months but crew members clammed up when asked by a Tribune reporter whence cometh this massive megayacht.

Tourists and locals dining at the marina sit with jaws agape, because you don't see a 282-foot long yacht named "Seven Seas", which resembles a hotel, everyday.
If you stood the big boat on one end, it would soar 28 stories tall; it cost $200 million to build. Its hull is navy blue; it boasts awesome luxury for 12 guests with a crew of 26. There is a large master stateroom with a study and private deck, a helipad, indoor cinema and an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that converts into a movie screen so the Steven and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw and their guests can take in a movie while swimming. Show biz is all SHOW, ya know?

Although crew members are mum, reports from Los Angeles said Spielberg, Kate and some of their children are taking the summer off to cruise the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Pacific.

Departing from Cannes, France in May, after the annual film festival there, their itinerary includes locations of some of Spielberg's films, North Africa, Sri Lanka, Shanghai and Hawaii.

The boat's $200 million price tag did not make Spielberg choke up. He bought the vessel from a Dutch shipyard, about two years ago. And he's happy to share, bless his heart. For a modest $1.3 million a week, you can charter
the Seven Seas and act like a movie mogul, if you don't mind people staring at you.

By the way, it has a special stabilizing system in the hull that reduces seasickness. from which Spielberg reportedly suffers.