Will You Dare Wear Fall Fashion--From Slip-Ons t Strip-less

Be still, my heart. Hard to fathom that spring clings from runway shows -- which some sexperts deemed as runaway flashion. Trial and era goad fashion makers to lure by name even if the game of styles look better on a store window dummy than the human form.

Fall 2013 memorizes the 50s with roundness. Say farewell to slim silhouettes as clothes mavens strut billowing backs of garb which look like an air hose from below is to blame. The new voluminous shape is a signature. Our fashion editor viewings in years past always inclined newsprint scribblers to ask, in unison, "Did these designers hate their mothers?" 'Twas ever thus.

Hanging a new frock on a model whose shape leans toward ballpoint pen, makes her wear it like a shroud. Both lug-sole shoes and dainty slippers will pace the macadam. At least the 7-inch heel has toppled over and necks are straining to capture a more cunning style from elsewhere. Stiltsville bags the sags. Closer to the ground will glide the high-steppers.

Givenchy is a rebel. He held every eyetalian stare or glare with his fluid gypsy skirts, chunky sweaters, sweatshirts and hippy-dippy booties. One columnist called Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci a genius. That should elicit an offer of freebie faddishness. They say fashion writers get wired with desire to acquire a sample of the design house.

Saint Lauren was all for skinny and rock-n-roll with baby-doll dresses and leather miniskirts. Always shown are the types of garb favored by its long-term clients, such as tailored jackets and a cropped crystal-studded shrug.

One viewer whined, "When did the price of pants rise to $1,000?" She caters to Washington's high-steppers in her Georgetown boutique. "Just couple of years ago, the price was $795!"