5 Myths About Brain Health -- A Myth Is Better Than A Mile

Myth 1: Brain health steadily declines with age. Nope. Now it is known that the brain is the most modifying part of the brain.

Your ability to think more deeply needs exercises. Advice from Bottom Line says: Be curious and creative. Solve problems like a wizard. Think back to a book you read several years ago and come up with five to eight take-home messages. If it's no go, read it again and then come up with the list.

Myth 2: Don't worry when you seem forgetful, ask yourself if you're getting enough sleep, some medications, and stress. Give change to your life. Invite new guests to vary the conversation.
Myth 3: Multitasking gives your brain a good workout. Not true. Experts advise to focus on one thing and nothing else for at least 15 minutes. Put a "Do not disturb" sign on the door. Turn off your phones and don't check your email.

Myth 4: People with a high IQ have the most brain power. Before computers and the Internet, IQs mainly emphasized knowledge, memory and speed in ability to perform mathematical equations.

Myth 5: Unrelenting mental work boosts brain capacity. Experts advise to keep your key frontal lobe operations finely tuned by blocking, discarding and ignoring less relevant tasks and information.