After Reading Betty Kravitz' History In The Miami Herald Obits, You'll Wish You Had Known Her Delightful Sense Of Humor.

What popped my eyes was naming her "beloved dogs as survivors: Bubba, Rosie, and Lenny Kravitz, whom she arguably preferred to those other people." She had already named her son Richard, her husband of 63 years, Judge Harold Kravitz, (they met when he was her economics tutor) -- and daughter Shelly Kravitz, a Miami-Dade County Court Judge, and a grandson Joshua, who lives in El-A.

She wrote that falling for her classmate at U-M was the best thing she got out of taking economics. After marrying, they settled in Hialeah and she obtained her Master's degree in Education and became an elementary schoolmarm. Betty loved to travel and the world saw a lot of her.

"She had a black belt in shopping, honing her skills over years of practice. And she loved Coca-Cola, which she viewed as a food group and drank every day of her life (and likely continues to do so wherever she is now.")

Funeral services will be held at Lakeside Memorial Park on Tuesday at 1 p.m. Tuesday, April 16.