And Then It Is Winter. You Know, Time Has A Way Of Moving Quickly And Catching You Unaware

It seems like yesterday when we were all young, embarking on a new life with a mate. In some ways it is eons ago. And I wonder where all the years went.

Here it is, the winter of my life. And it catches us by surprise. Where did all the years go? When does youth disappear? When I look in the mirror I see the me I want to see. I can make those lines disappear.

I have girlfriends who bemoan wrinkles and flab. Wear something that hangs loose. So it won't be so apparent. I stopped wearing heels when my ankles felt tottery.

I don't worry about what people think. Don't ask, that's my motto.

Don't let the heaviness of your physical being make you despair. Just be glad you can fit in your clothes. Once you're out of the store, does it matter what size you wear?

Does It matter that you used to go sleeveless? I am grateful for any gait I can get out of my moving parts. "It's not what you gather that matters, but what you scatter. Love and kindness show people the kind of life you've lived. No regrets."

Live each moment for what it is. A moment in time. I may slow down but I won't be low down. Lay down. Play down. But think UP. Be UP for whatever comes along. UP you go. Think UP. Get UP. Stay UP. Play UP.
Upsy Daisy. Stay that way.