Bingo Balls Dancing In A Cage Click With Hipsters Who Score With "Rebel Bingo"

Freddie "Fortune" Sorensen and his childhood friend James "Flames" Gordon give bingo a different spin.
In the basement of a London church in 2009, where they had thrown a party, a wee touch of spirits fed their appetite to play a bingo game they found downstairs. "We accidentally invented
Rebel Bingo," says Freddie Sorensen.
Since then they have held Rebel Bingo nights at music venues in 35 cities around the world. The events draw anywhere from 800 to 2,000 people, whose age range is 21 to 30. Unlike regular bingo, they don't give prizes when a line is filled. "You have to do battle against other Rebels in various games. Like to win a panda you have to prove that you are good at hugs," Sorensen explained

For some venues that host bingo, it has been a game-changer. when the Mississippi Pizza Pub/Atlantis Lounge in Portland, Ore., start hosting Bingo and Bourbon on Monday nights a few months ago and it became a boon for the bar.

At Billy Corgan's tea-shop, the musician also hosts a monthly Scrabble game; winners are coaxed into playing with prizes ranging from a jar of honey from the farm of a local newscaster, to a greeting from him on their voice mail.