Coral Gables Museum Free Site For Soar Eyes On April 16 For 'Play And Listen' In Concert, 11 a.m.

Music lovers from everywhere are invited to "Play and Listen" in Concert, Coral Gables Music Club directing the wand -- it's a freebie on Tuesday, April 16 at 11 a.m. at Coral Gables Museum, across the street from the parking garage.

Socialites Susan Johnson and Pat Bohn are chairmen, with Julian Stein stage directing and Susan's husband, Lester Johnson, working the mikeSpecial guest artists are Huifang Chen, violin and Angelica Sganga, piano.

Outstanding performers who give their all to hold enthrall are Tim Aman, Marina Berberian, Pat and Dick Bohn, Jay Clarke, Carolyn Davenport, Ed English, Betsy Hill, Susan and Lester Johnson, Frank Lynn, Joanne Meagher, Graham Miller, Robert O'Donnell, Debra Sanchez, Karen Shane, Sylvia Sheldon and Julian Stein.

Dig what they promise: Classical performances and also nostalgic Broadway review by our music club musicians, performing memories and music of time gone by, some series, some silly, lots of fun and laughter for all and maybe a surprise or two.

New members Joanne Schulte and Audrey Ross are excited to attend. Remember, it's free to anyone who loves  music.