Grace Kelly's Leading Men Fell In Love With Her, Not to Ravish but Lavish Attention and Affection

Whatever protocol suggests, Princess Grace was entitled to be praised as noble even before marrying the powerful prince of Monaco.
Forever the Princess of Style, Grace Kelly memories will spin magic from here on, because Nicole Kidman portrays the head-to-toe beautiful gleamer who married the not-so-handsome storybook prince in a movie called "Grace of Monaco" which debuts in December. Kidman considers it Oscar-able.

For those who want to imitate Princess Grace's maneuvers, there's a guide called "What Would Grace Do?" which may teach debs more than going through the pile-up of parties in hopes to gain more than the attention span of would-be suitors. It covers everything form makeup to manners to flirting.  

 As I recall, in a movie with Cary Grant, whose tender heart Grace melted at first sight, she was demure, divine and dee-lovely. Dad Jack Kelly just wanted her to marry a good Catholic. Her Prince Rainier, who had been reared to kneel, was a solid choice. Everything Grace touched, whiffed or wore is being captured by stylists this year.
Gucci's pre-fall line features accentuated waists with darts, cuffed cigarette pants and crepe wool silk coats. Dior has reissued Diorissimo perfume. Grace had an aristocracy about her even before becoming Princess Grace of Monaco. Fashionistas look on with envy: Grace owned her look.