Here's A Little Ditty I Wrote When Gene Miller Won His Pulitzer Prize For The Pitts-Lee Prisonsers

(To The Tune Of:  "They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree")

Oh, the jury they met in New York
And chose one of the Herald's staff,
Gave a Pulitzer prize to the nicest of guys,
May we have your ...polygraph?

Oh sing of the Miller's tale,
He's relentless, won't give up the fight.
If he wields pen with sword,
He'll still get more reward,
May be named a tarnished Silver Knight.

Lochinvar -- he came out of the west,
But Gene Miller surpasses the rest,
So the girls think his wink
Has a devilish blink,
All we know is what they have confessed.

Oh Gene Miller, we heard you are shy,
Tuck your head behind your bowtie,
We checked with Electra,
She's YOUR lie detector...And she said,