Horse Liniment Erases Pain -- An Element Used To Treat Racehorse's Legs

Years ago, people virtually galloped to get horse liniment for their pain, the same pain reliever that stopped horses from whinnying. But someone changed the formula and sales dropped. Not a painkiller anymore.

The formula at one point grew so popular that it rose to the top of pharmacy sales. At last, one of the inventors of the medicine has brought it back,now named ARTH ARREST.

It works by a dual mechanism whereby one ingredient relieves pain immediately, while a second ingredient seeks out and destroys the pain messenger signal before it can be sent to the brain. Considered a medical miracle by some, ARTH ARREST is useful in the treatment of painful disorders such as arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.

Available at all Walgreen's stores without a prescription, it features a convenient roll-on applicator.