How Come We Don't Wear 20% Of What We Buy In The Store?

That dress or suit you couldn't live without. It's living (or dead) in your closet. Taking up room. Not girdling your loins.
What is the reason we do this? The retail industry counts on this and knows that people buy for many more reasons than actually needing something. It's in a corner of your closet that could be labeled "regret."
Maybe it's a whim. Or a blue mood that prompts the buy. Most likely, the outfit was more perfect if you lost a few pounds or got a raise from the boss.

Shoppers may be stuck with rigid return policies. Many retailers have tightened their grip and don't allow returns on items that have been marked down. There may be one item that gets repeated wear. Shoes.
Men have less than ten pairs of shoes that they rotate fairly well, say New York merchandisers. But women have four to five times that amount.That's why the song: "Shoeless Joe from Kokomo, Indiana." No Joans make that cut.